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Both the SC 22 & the Eclipse 6.7 boats use the same keel. Kind of trapezoid shaped, 2" thick and 8' long. The leading edge is rounded and the trailing edge is beveled to a point. The keel foot is angled in such a way I am of the delusion it will ride up and over any obstacles it may hit.



Keel trunk width is 3" except for the Keel Head which has been beefed up to 4" wide OD, also the section around the Keel Pendant Pipe has been beefed up to 4". If my measurement is correct the horizontal distance from the center of the keel pin forward to the v-berth bulkhead is 25"
Keel Trunk Diagram


The original keel pin is stainless steel locked on with collars and fiberglassed in. I was dissatisfied with the rusty collars and had a new keel pin cut. The new pin is threaded on both ends using stainless steel nuts to hold the pin in place. Stainless steel washers and plenty of silicone do a good to fair job of sealing the keel pin hole on the trunk. The new pin makes it east to remove the keel for servicing.




Tillers are available for sale just about anywhere boating supplies are sold, I won't go into them.


Rudder Stock

The SC original construction consists of two sheets of plywood bonded together with fiberglass and covered with gel-coat

Original rudderstock is 1-1/4" thick
Original rudderstock is 34" long
Original rudderstock is 9" wide at the top
Original rudderstock is 11-1/2" wide at the bottom

Original rudder stock aluminum bolt plates is 1/4" thick
Original rudder stock aluminum bolt plates is 6-1/4" long
Original rudder stock aluminum bolt plates is 10-1/2" wide at the top
Original rudder stock aluminum bolt plates is 11" wide at the bottom

Gudges: Should match the Pintels.

Pintels: Pin Length: Upper 2" Lower 1" extend 1-1/2" from the Rudder Stock
Pin diameter: 1/2"
Mounting distance from the top of the rudderstock to top of Pintel 18-1/2"
Top of upper gudge to top of lower gudge 13-1/4"



The rudder is oblong shaped constructed originally with two sheets of plywood bonded together with fiberglass and covered with gel-coat. The rudder is not faired on the leading or trailing edge.
Rather there is a lip running around the edge of the rudder.

The weak spot of the rudder is the hole for the pivot pin that connects the rudder to the rudderstock. Over time, this hole becomes damage allowing water to soak the plywood core of the rudder. I did surgery back in 2000 to correct the damage. So far, the repair has held.
A small boat means shallow water, over time the gel-coat at the bottom of the rudder wears and becomes damaged.
Rudder in the center of the transom, outboard motor on the port side. Prop damage is inevitable.

Original rudder is 1 1/4" thick
Original rudder is 3' long
Original rudder is 14" wide

Rudder 1     Rudder 2     Rudder 3     E - 2     E - 3



I have the original mainsail and what is left of the jib. Both have been re-stitched & re-cut. I am unsure of what the original Luff & Leach measurements are.
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Standing Rigging

Mast & Boom
Mast is a replacement from Dwyer , Hurricane Danny in 1997 decided he liked the original mast.
Mast measurement, 25', width at the oval 4', width at the narrow part of oval 2 " Length of available sail track, 22 '
The boom is still original measuring 10 feet with 9'6" of available sail track.

The available sail track is based upon an estimated length for the outhaul & down haul.
As my original sails were blown out back in 1997 I am unsure what the original specifications are.


Spreader Bars.
See "Spreader Data for measurements. Over time the Stainless Steel fixture fuse to the Aluminum ones. The set screw at the end of the spreader bar does not screw into the plug, only thru the end cap. Both of mine were frozen solid, I managed to get one free, the other was ground off.
I bent the Stainless Steel bolt that passes thru the mast and holds everything together. Looks like I will need to have a machine shop fabricate another. As of 2/18/2004 no luck in finding a replacement

Spreader Data     E-4     E - 5



The information on this page is not intended as a "definitive" guide to sailing .
Rather it is a collection of things that work for me also ideas I have learned from other sources.
The information is specific to my 22' swing keel South Coast Seacraft Eclipse.
The sailing area is local bays and ICW
Use at your own risk
Any good sailing resource book should provide a comprehensive review of sailing theory.

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